Atlanta Held Hostage

Where’s Liam Neeson when you need him? Not that the Taken movie star could do much in this case seeing as the crime is digital and instead of a person being held hostage, it’s the data of one of the biggest cities in America. Last Thursday morning, city workers turned on their computers to find a ransom note and demand

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Orbitz Isn’t Having a Holiday

Let’s just say it’s not exactly smooth sailing right now for the online travel and vacation booking company Orbitz. The subsidiary of Expedia revealed last week that one of its websites has been hacked, exposing credit card and personal info of nearly 900K customers. Talk about a bad vacation. The incident occurred somewhere between October 2016

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Skype Flaw Strikes Back

If you're a Skype fan but you're still running Windows 7 or older (seriously...time for an update) then this story matters to you. So, a bug in Microsoft’s video chat app has been detected which apparently can't simply be patched. The flaw is going to require a bit of reengineering from Team Skype. Good news is that its only

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Russian Bots vs. the Gun Debate

Guess what? Russian social media bots are at it again. Even after the big FBI reveal last week, their obviously isn’t enough fear of retribution to scare them off. Seems Russian bots on twitter began using the trending #Parklandshooting to spread false information and stoke tensions, attempting to sway Americans from rational thought and debate. Some bots claimed that

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Welcome to the Cyber-Olympics

Just when you thought we were all holding hands across the world, this happens. Malware intended to disrupt the Olympics opening ceremony in PyeongChang succeeded in taking away Internet and media services from journalists covering the event. According to Cisco’s Talos division, this malware was also intended to delete shadow files and event logs. The culprits

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