The Great Orangeworm Epidemic

OK, so maybe it's not exactly on the CDCs top 5 list of contagious diseases. but this thing is causing havoc in healthcare. The scoop is that a new hacking group called “Orangeworm” has been discovered by Symantec. These bad dudes have been active since 2015 and their top target is healthcare organizations. Apparently Orangeworm's

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Hackers Build a Hotel Master Key

You know how sometimes you're running late on a business trip and are tempted to leave your valuables barely hidden in your hotel room while you're at a meeting? Don't. It turns out that your room can be unlocked by a hacker with mad skills and a rigged master key. The white hats over at F-Secure dug up (after thousands of hours

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A Cyber Fish Tale

Turns out you aren't the only one whose lost something a casino. At a recent conference in London, Darktrace CEO Nicole Eagan explained how cyber criminals hacked into a casino through a fish tank. That's right...a fish tank. Apparently, the hackers exploited a flaw in the fish tank's network connected thermostat, where they then moved laterally

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What Lies Below

Over the past few weeks, the head honchos of some of our biggest oil and gas companies have been pow wow-ing after a cyber-breach compromised their computer communications systems. While nothing catastrophic happened, it highlighted for them (and us) how crucial securing our infrastructure is and just like in the previous fish tale, points out that fundamentals like

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Symantec’s Report is Out: Wow…Just Wow

Symantec’s 2018 Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR) came out today and it's a doozy. Symantec has over 125+ million sensors scattered around the world, recording thousands of threat events every second of every day. Needless to say, we think it's worth paying attention to the ISTR. A few highlight this year are: IoT attacks increased by

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