500K Home Routers Attacked

Last week, the news broke that the FBI, along with researchers at CISCO, have discovered a network of half a million routers that have been compromised by a group of Russian hackers known as "Fancy Bear." The group has been using a malware program called "VPN Filter" to compromise home and small office routers. This particularly nasty piece of

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Virtual Assistants Just Got Real

We don't know if you've heard it, but the Google Assistant sounds freaky-real. In an amazing demonstration, the virtual assistant made a hair appointment and restaurant reservations, sounding like a real person — complete with casual words and even an “mmhmmm” thrown in for believability. There's no question voice technology will continue to transform our lives, but as with any

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When Cyber Legislation Backfires

Remember when your parents or teacher would say, "trust me, it's for your own good?" Well, turns out that it's not always the case. A recent Georgia Anti-Hacking Legislation has become a serious threat to cyber security industry. The legislation, meant to curb the bad guys, has the cybersecurity community up in arms because things we do in the normal

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CIA Leak Suspect Identified

Remember that big CIA leak last year that went public on Wikileaks? To catch you up, someone in the CIA leaked a boatload of confidential information (codenamed Vault 7) about what cyber tools and spying techniques the CIA uses to conduct covert operations, specifically to catch bad guys overseas. Not cool. The good news is out that the U.S.

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