T-Mobile Hack

Another one bites the dust, so to speak. Or at least another big company falls victim to cyber bullies intent on snatching important data. In a blog post  last week, cellular giant T-Mobile announced that they had suffered a security breach that led to personal information being leaked on up to 2 million (to be fair,

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Russian Election Hacking, Take 2

It's like the Groundhog Day of cyberattacks. Looks like the Russian hacking collective, known as Fancy Bear (do they get style points for that name?), was caught by Microsoft deploying several fake websites, designed to mimic US Senate and conservative think tanks. The sites included The International Republican Institute and the The Hudson Institute, a group that focuses

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Hackers Can Hear Your Screen

OK, I admit this one borders on cybersecurity sci-fi, but if it's true...wow. While you know that leaving sensitive information on our computer screens while we're away is a bad idea, you probably didn't know that the bad guys can point special ultrasonic listening devices at a computer screen and "read" whats on the screen. What! Seriously? According to

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Aussie Teen Hacks Apple’s Servers

If you know anything about Apple, you know that the world's first trillion dollar company prides itself on being virtually un-hackable. Well, last week there was a little hiccup for the normally tight security in Cupertino. More accurately, the embarrassing hack came from Down Under, and at the hands of a 16-year old high school student nonetheless. Insert Tim

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Water Heater Hacks

When we talk about cybersecurity doomsday scenarios, bad guys breaking into the brain of the electrical grid (think Luke Skywalker targeting the reactor core of the Death Star) is usually near the top of the list. In reality, researchers have painted a much less sophisticated scenario for taking down the grid. Experts have estimated that hackers using botnets to commandeer just 1% of

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