Russian Hacker Pleads Guilty

Remember the Russian arrested for releasing the infamous Kelihos botnet? Looks like his hacking days are over, at least for a good while. Peter Yuryevich Levashov (one of his many online aliases) has finally plead guilty to computer crime, wire fraud, conspiracy and identity theft charges. The 38 year-old has admitted operating some of the most notorious malware botnetsincluding Storm, Waldac

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Airline Hack, Part II (This Time BA)

Last month it was Air Canada. This month it's British Airways. The self-described "World's Favorite Airline" might not be so high on the favorite list today. British Airlines confirmed that a recent data breach exposed personal details and (yikes) credit-card numbers of up to 380,000 customers. To top it off, the breach lasted for more than

Airline Hack, Part II (This Time BA)2018-09-10T13:41:25-06:00

Top iOs Malware Remover Very Malware-y

This is one of those cases of the fire truck is on fire. Turns out one of the the top-paid utility apps on the Apple App Store is a little gem known as "Adware Doctor," which sounds like a pretty legit piece of software. Oh, except that Adware Doctor, which is supposed to help protect your device

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Teen School and Flight Hacker Arrested

Trying to separate a teenager from his phone is tough to do. Trying to separate a teen hacker from his computer, is nearly impossible. Last week, British police arrested 19-year old George Duke-Cohan on suspicion of making hoax bomb threats to thousands of schools and airlines in the UK and US and demanding $5,000 in

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