FBI Turns the Table on Scammers

OK, this is a good one. Recently unsealed court documents reveal how the FBI tricked a cybercrime gang by setting up a fake webpage. The cybercriminals were posing as Fedex CEO Brian Reh and they managed to contact the accounting department of a company called Gorbel Manufacturing and extract $82,000. Gorbel later alerted the FBI, who

FBI Turns the Table on Scammers2018-11-27T07:37:05-07:00

Ohio Hospital ER Hit With Ransomware

Cybersecurity experts know that it's only a matter of time before a cyber incident leads directly to loss of life. While that may have already happened somewhere in the world, it came too close for comfort at an Ohio hospital. Over the weekend, a ransomeware attack on critical computer systems sent ambulances away from East

Ohio Hospital ER Hit With Ransomware2018-11-27T07:34:56-07:00

Today is the Day

For cybersecurity, today is game day. Well, minus the foam hands and crazy hats (oh, wait). With 24 months since the 2016 presidential elections, this midterm marks the first major test of our new election security precautions that governments and companies have adopted. From voting machines to social media, systems are being deployed to curb abuse and rebuild voter confidence.

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Step Forward, Step Back for Apple

OK, let's be honest. There are few things like the feeling of opening up a new MacBook or iPhone and trying it out for the first time. And the new round of Apple toys has some pretty sweet new features, especially when it comes to security. But, like most things in life, it seems to be

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Millions (More) of Bluetooth Devices Vulnerable

If you've been following the CyberBrief, you know that we're watching closely the development of bluetooth security, as it affects so much of our lives in a connected world. Recently, security researchers have unveiled details of two critical vulnerabilities in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) chips embedded in millions of network access points around the world.

Millions (More) of Bluetooth Devices Vulnerable2018-11-06T07:33:04-07:00