Register Now! 2019 Cyber Symposium Sept 19-20

The 2018 NCC Cyber Symposium was an amazing success, with attendees coming from all across the US and abroad. Our team of ace speakers included Gen Michael Hayden, NIST guru Ron Ross, former FBI agent Don Freese and many others. So many of you have already been asking about the 2019 symposium and we're excited to

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Blockchain to the Rescue?

Remember those pictures of hundreds of pallets of unused water sitting on a runway in Puerto Rico? It's a tough picture of waste that's repeated all too often when it comes to disaster relief. Well, there's hope that new blockchain technology could help reduce waste, improve communications and enhance overall effectiveness of relief efforts. We

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Talk About Getting Shanghai-ed

Talk About Getting Shanghai-ed Where's Jackie Chan when you need him? Last week, a vulnerability on a high performance database known as MongoDB exposed the records of more than 202 million Chinese job-seekers. The records - accessible without authentication to anyone on the Internet - were discovered by one of the wonks at and HackenProof, a bug bounty platform. Though

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Looking Ahead: Energy Infrastructure

As the New Year kicks in, the cyber experts around the world are offering their predictions for 2019. Over the next few weeks, we'll cover some of these as well as serve up a few of our own. For years, hackers have focused on stealing data that they could sell; things like personal information and intellectual

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Town of Salem Under Attack! (sort of)

No, the witches haven't taken over. And we're not talking about bullets here. In fact, we're not even talking about the actual town of Salem. We're talking about the massive online game "Town of Salem" that's played by nearly 8 million people worldwide. Last week the popular browser-based online version of the classic party game "Mafia,"

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