Well, we’re hoping you’re enjoying the long summer days, sitting by the pool and maybe even a little umbrella drink or two. But as we’re soaking in the lazy days of summer, we’ve got to remember not to let ourselves or our teams get lazy when it comes to cybersecurity. So, in honor of the longest days of the year, here’s a list of 7 cyber basics. Take them down and pass them around.

  1. We are all targets. Don’t think “it won’t happen to me.”
  2. Eight characters isn’t enough. Mix it up and don’t use the same password on multiple sites. Yeah, we see you.
  3. Secure devices. Don’t leave devices unlocked. If you walk away, lock up the screen.
  4. Double check before clicking. Be especially wary of any attachments or links in emails. That’s a favorite front door for the bad guys.
  5. Browse at your own risk. If you’re on a public wi-fi just keep in mind that your data could be copied or stolen.
  6. Back it up, baby. Don’t forget to keep your important data backed up and keep your anti-virus software up to date.
  7. Don’t share too much. Be careful with how much info you share on social media. Think twice before telling everyone you’re on your way to Cancun with a house full of data back at home.

There are plenty of other cyber basics but these will help you stay safer during the summer.