If you’ve been following the CyberBrief, then you probably already know about the Ticketmaster and British Airways data breaches that went down earlier this year. Both of those breaches have been pinned on the notorious hacking group called Magecart. Last week, the cyber sleuths at Volexity and RiskIQ uncovered a new hack by Magecart that targeted the popular computer hardware and consumer electronics retailer, Newegg.

The hackers used what’s called a digital credit card skimmer, which is basically a tactic where the hackers gain access to an operating system and then insert a few lines of malicious code that are designed to capture and send sensitive credit card information. The hack occurred between August 14 and Sept 18, 2018. With over 50 million monthly web visitors, this hack is a pretty big deal. Newegg has fixed the problem and recommends that anyone who suspects that their data might have been compromised immediately contact your bank, block your payment card, and request for a replacement.