Turns out you aren’t the only one whose lost something a casino. At a recent conference in London, Darktrace CEO Nicole Eagan explained how cyber criminals hacked into a casino through a fish tank. That’s right…a fish tank. Apparently, the hackers exploited a flaw in the fish tank’s network connected thermostat, where they then moved laterally throughout the network and established a foothold in the casino’s system where they ultimately gained access to the database of gamblers.

From thermostats to HVAC systems and Alexa and GoogleHome, the cybersecurity implications of the ever-expanding Internet of Things are staggering. Understanding and protecting against these vulnerabilities should be a crucial part of every company’s cybersecurity strategy and employing security fundamentals such as segmentation of networks to prevent bad guys from wandering around in a flat network are opening stakes these days.

So remember… Nemo may not be as innocent as he appears.