Our vision

Our vision is to power the integration of cybersecurity into every facet of society so that interdisciplinary solutions can preempt emerging cyber and space threats.

Our Mission

To build a collaborative, operational and interdisciplinary model for cybersecurity and space that transforms our nation’s ability to detect, protect and deter threats.

A brief history

The National Cybersecurity Center (NCC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit for cyber innovation and awareness. Established in 2016 from the vision of then Governor of Colorado and now US Senator John Hickenlooper, in coordination with several people from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) and the community, the NCC serves both public and private organizations and individuals through leadership, collaboration, and education.

The NCC in its first year worked to serve small and medium businesses with cyber breach support; educate and train elected officials in cybersecurity best practices; and partner with higher education institutions to create the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. In 2017, the focus changed to more of a think tank-like organization. Challenges were sought to which the NCC could apply resources and bring organizations/people together to help solve. One such challenge was helping overseas citizens vote in a more secure manner. This has become our Secure the Vote program. Helping educate the next generation of cybersecurity professionals remained as a line of effort and has since turned into the NCC Student Alliance.

All efforts are aligned with the three fundamental pillars of the NCC: 1) to lead through thought leadership and community activation; 2) to collaborate through operational readiness and interdisciplinary collaboration (in Space); and 3) to educate by means of training, certification, and workforce development. The growing fear of cybercrime must be met with cybersecurity education and activism, and the NCC is meeting that challenge with the collaboration of our community anchored in these pillars

Another opportunity was presented in 2018 to help stand up the Space Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC).  The Space ISAC was publicly announced in April 2019 and had its first Board of Directors meeting in November 2019.

2020 and beyond has seen the launch of our Cyber for State Government Program, Colorado Cyber Resource Center, and seen the continued efforts of our Cyber Education program to provide cybersecurity leadership, with two main pillars: K-12 education with the NCC Student Alliance, and the Adult Education Initiative. All efforts are in line with cyber leadership, collaboration, and education.

Why Work With Us

At the NCC we want and need people who are supremely able; people who want to make a meaningful impact on the world; people who are seeking a chance to do their best work. And that’s who we have right now and that’s who we’re always looking for. At the NCC, our people have vision – not only for what’s next, but what’s possible. At the NCC we’re proud to grow a community where ideas are born, and people are valued.