Our vision is to power the integration of cybersecurity into every facet of society, so that interdisciplinary solutions can preempt emerging cyber and space threats.


Our mission is to build a collaborative, operational, and interdisciplinary model for cybersecurity and space that transforms our nation’s ability to detect, protect, and deter threats.


Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility, and we believe strategic collaboration and accessible education and training can enable a safer world that secures governments, businesses, organizations, and individuals alike.

A brief history

The National Cybersecurity Center was originally established in 2016 as the National Cyber Intelligence Center by Colorado House Bill 16-1453. Signed into law by then-Governor U.S. Senator John Hickenlooper, the bill’s legislative declaration stated:

“(a) Cyber threats have continued to grow in significance, scale, scope, and sophistication in the past several years;
(b) a dramatic increase in the number of cyber-attacks against public, private, and nonprofit entities and individual citizens, coupled with inadequate resources to respond to such attacks, have made cybersecurity a top priority”

While these challenges still hold true today, the National Cybersecurity Center itself has grown into a thriving hub of cyber leadership, collaboration, and education. Co-located with Exponential Impact (XI), a technology startup accelerator, the Space Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Space ISAC), an international space and cyber security clearinghouse, and the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) state-of-the-art Kevin W. O’Neil Cybersecurity Education and Research Center, NCC is a proud member of an unparalleled ecosystem.

This powerful ecosystem, coupled with a board comprised of retired armed-forces generals, entrepreneurs, civic leaders, academics, and philanthropists, has established the NCC as a leader in cybersecurity. In 2019, the NCC worked with NASA, U.S. Space Force (formerly Air Force Space Command), and the National Reconnaissance Office to stand up the Space ISAC in response to a White House directive. The Space ISAC, whose founding members include Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, and many others, now facilitates collaboration across the global space industry. In 2020 the NCC was funded by Google to train government leaders in cybersecurity best practices. Despite a worldwide pandemic, NCC educated lawmakers in all 50 states from both sides of the aisle. Other initiatives have included “Secure the Vote,” “Secure Smart Cities,” and “Cyber for Executives.” In addition to national and international efforts such as these, the NCC continues to offer its mainstays: industry-level cybersecurity certifications for adults, K12 summer camps as a CyberPatriot Center of Excellence, and operational impact analysis for under resourced state and local jurisdictions.

NCC Foundational Pillars


Thought Leadership and Community Activation

Through the active participation of our board leaders and advisors that bring decades of cybersecurity and space operations expertise marked by service leadership, we have created a visionary center where ideas can flourish and meaningful progress can be achieved. We discuss problems to identify solutions and carry them forward into actions that influence public policy at all levels of government and generate results that foster more secure communities.


Operational Readiness through Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Space and Cyberspace

By building interdisciplinary partnerships, we can achieve what individuals cannot operationally do on their own. We convene the necessary stakeholders and resources to build cybersecurity readiness, perform research, and establish innovative technology solutions.


Education, Training, Certifications and Workforce Development

We partner with educational institutions, state and local government bodies, and businesses of all sizes to educate, train, and equip our communities with accessible cybersecurity knowledge, skills, and certifications. Our work demonstrates the value of practical, results-focused public and private partnerships in cybersecurity.

The NCC was founded on the understanding that transformative times demand innovative solutions for a secure future. With cyber integrated into daily life—from critical infrastructure to workforce development—the NCC champions pragmatic, forward-thinking security policies and programs through thought leadership, interdisciplinary collaboration, and immersive education, ensuring resilience in an ever-changing digital landscape.

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