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New Breach Unseats Equifax as Biggest Ever

So, we’ve just learned that Exactis may have exposed over 340 million records. What? Never heard of them? We hadn’t either, until now. This marketing and data aggregation firm reportedly holds over 3 billion personal records that include everything from name and address to religious preferences, smoking habits and even if you like cats. Yup, we […]

Not So FastBooking

If you’ve stayed at a hotel in France or Japan (or one of up to 1,000 other hotels across the globe), you’ll want to read this one twice. Last week, Paris-based hotel software provider, FastBooking, announced that hackers had breached its system and gotten away with personal information and, in some cases, payment details. FastBooking has said that the […]

I’ve Got Good News and Bad News

In a recent study by cybersecurity company Webroot, over 600 IT decision makers were surveyed…and the results showed that there’s still lots of work to be done. While 100 percent of the respondents said that they had conducted some sort of employee cyber training, 79 percent also said they weren’t really ready for serious cybersecurity threats. Research also […]

7 Cyber Tips for Summer

Well, we’re hoping you’re enjoying the long summer days, sitting by the pool and maybe even a little umbrella drink or two. But as we’re soaking in the lazy days of summer, we’ve got to remember not to let ourselves or our teams get lazy when it comes to cybersecurity. So, in honor of the longest days of […]

CEOs are Getting in the Game

The big dogs are finally getting in the cyber game. And that’s a really good thing. According to a recent study by Accenture, CEO’s and boards of directors are stepping up to the plate to take more control over cyberthreats and attacks. The study reports that nearly two-thirds of CEOs and boards now have direct oversight over […]

Olympic Destroyer Won’t Go Away

Remember the ‘Olympic Destroyer‘ cyber attack? That was the name of the hackers that targeted the  Winter Olympic Games earlier this year. Well, the group whose name sounds like a Transformer is apparently still alive and well and has recently been found targeting banks in Russia as well as biological and chemical threat prevention laboratories in the Ukraine. And […]

World Cup…of Cyber

The 2018 FIFA World Cup kicked off in Russia this week, with more than a million people expected to travel to Moscow to witness the biggest sporting event in the world. But if you’re heading to the Cup, you can count on more than the usual soccer hooligans. According to U.S. counter-intelligence, FIFIA fans could face myriad of cyber-punks. William Evanina, […]

About Your Long-Lost Uncle in Nigeria

Unless you live under a rock (or in a weird commune), you’ve probably seen your fair share of “Nigerian” email scams. You know, “my uncle just gave me 1M and I need to transfer it to a (random and naive) US citizen.” Don’t trust those, by the way. Well, the more sophisticated bad guys have been able to scam millions […]

Periscope Up!

When you’re the US military and you’ve got a $300 million clandestine project with a name like Sea Dragon, you pretty much don’t want anyone getting their hands on the top-secret briefcase. That’s basically what happened when the Chinese government made off with a trove of undersea military secrets. OK, so maybe it wasn’t exactly a briefcase — […]

Genetic Testing Site Hacked

So, we think there are a few things we sort of want to keep private. You know, things like your weekend binge of an entire season of The Bachelor or your Blue Bell Butter Crunch ice cream addiction (trust us, it’s a thing). Oh, and also our genetic and DNA information. That seems kinda personal. Last week, MyHeritage, a web-based genealogy and […]