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Cyber Bolt Cutters in the Supply Chain

A few months ago, the CyberBrief reported on an early 2018 incident where a Chinese hacker managed to get his (or her, or their) way into the servers of a contractor working for the U.S. Naval Undersea Warfare Center and steal nearly a terabyte of data. Yeah, that was a bad day. This, among other more […]

We Need More Women in Cyber

If we haven’t mentioned it yet, October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Cheers! We think it’s the perfect time to make a case for more women in cybersecurity. In case you didn’t know it, currently women only make up a measly 20% of the cybersecurity workforce. Seriously? We can do better than that! Frankly, we need to […]

Cybersecurity, Social Media & The Elections: Part 1

There’s no doubt that social media has given a voice and a platform for millions of people who may have otherwise been unseen and unheard. While social media companies may (or may not) be altruistic at heart, the same platforms provide the perfect ecosystem for bad actors and motivated political campaigns to use marketing, manipulation […]

DoD Hacked

That’s right. Not even the Department of Defense is immune to cyber criminals. According to the Associated Press, a data breach, which exposed personal and credit card information of at least 30K people, was discovered on Oct. 4th but the attack probably happened months earlier. The bad actors gained access via a travel management firm that handles […]

How to Check if Your Facebook Account Was Hacked

Last week, we reported on Facebook’s worst-ever security breach. As many as 30 million users have been affected by the breach and hackers have successfully accessed 29 million of them. Even so, hackers weren’t able to gain access to any third-party app data, something that could have had even more serious consequences. Facebook published a blog post to […]

A Crack In New Eggs Data

If you’ve been following the CyberBrief, then you probably already know about the Ticketmaster and British Airways data breaches that went down earlier this year. Both of those breaches have been pinned on the notorious hacking group called Magecart. Last week, the cyber sleuths at Volexity and RiskIQ uncovered a new hack by Magecart that targeted the popular computer hardware and consumer electronics retailer, Newegg. The […]

Facebook Hacked, Again

Remember that Bill Murray movie, Groundhog Day? Yeah, well…that for Facebook. The world’s biggest social media platform suffered another security breach as a staggering 50 million users were compromised by a sophisticated zero-day exploit that allowed hackers to steal account access. So, if you woke up anxious to check on Grumpy Cat’s (that’s the famous online cat, as if you didn’t know?) status […]

Executives Getting Cyber-Strong

Marvel’s Infinity Wars brought the World’s superheroes together when Thanos, the baddest guy in the universe, threatened to destroy half the population. The same thing happened earlier this week in a room tucked away in the gardens behind the Governor’s Mansion in Denver. Well, sort of. The National Cybersecurity Center hosted 30 top executives from around the country for Cyber […]

Young Hackers Help FBI to Avoid Jail

Three twenty-something hackers were nabbed for creating and spreading the notorious Mirai botnet, a sophisticated piece of IoT malware. Mirai was originally designed to hack the popular video game, Minecraft, but when the source code was released in the wild, it didn’t take long for serious bad actors to get a hold of it and put it […]

Russian Hacker Pleads Guilty

Remember the Russian arrested for releasing the infamous Kelihos botnet? Looks like his hacking days are over, at least for a good while. Peter Yuryevich Levashov (one of his many online aliases) has finally plead guilty to computer crime, wire fraud, conspiracy and identity theft charges. The 38 year-old has admitted operating some of the most notorious malware botnetsincluding Storm, Waldac […]