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Looking Ahead: Energy Infrastructure

As the New Year kicks in, the cyber experts around the world are offering their predictions for 2019. Over the next few weeks, we'll cover some of these as well as serve up a few of our own. For years, hackers have focused on stealing data that they could sell; things like personal information and intellectual

Looking Ahead: Energy Infrastructure2019-01-08T07:50:54-07:00

Town of Salem Under Attack! (sort of)

No, the witches haven't taken over. And we're not talking about bullets here. In fact, we're not even talking about the actual town of Salem. We're talking about the massive online game "Town of Salem" that's played by nearly 8 million people worldwide. Last week the popular browser-based online version of the classic party game "Mafia,"

Town of Salem Under Attack! (sort of)2019-01-08T07:50:26-07:00

20 Year-old Busted in Biggest Ever German Breach

A few days ago, German media announced that it experienced its largest and most dangerous hack on German officials; including politicians, journalists and other public figures. Including German Chancellor Merkel. The government and the press immediately suspected several known cyber terrorist groups and went on the hunt. It turns out that the hacker was a local

20 Year-old Busted in Biggest Ever German Breach2019-01-08T07:49:37-07:00

Major Newspapers Hacked

Remember newspapers? Yeah well, believe it or not there are actually people that still read them. And apparently, there are other people that don’t like them. Like, at all. Over the weekend, a cyber-attacker took aim on the printing and delivery systems of a slew of news rags, including the LA Times, the Chicago Tribune

Major Newspapers Hacked2019-01-02T07:49:14-07:00

Netflix, Birdbox & Email Scams

Unless you’re living on another planet, you’ve probably heard about the new Netflix thriller Birdbox, featuring Sandra Bullock (and a scary monster you never actually see). Don’t tell us what happens — we haven’t seen it yet. But apparently, over 45 million people have. Unfortunately, the massive win for Netflix has been the perfect setup

Netflix, Birdbox & Email Scams2019-01-02T07:48:07-07:00

The FBI Saves Christmas

In 1988, Ernest saved Christmas (just ask anyone born before 1975). Well, in 2018, the FBI did the job. Last week, the U.S. Justice Department announced that they had seized the domains of more than a dozen DDoS-for-hirewebsites. Basically, these sites rent out access to infected devices or networks, allowing them to be exposed to denial-of-service

The FBI Saves Christmas2018-12-27T07:47:45-07:00
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