FULL TUition assistance

To access the Cyber Force Initiative at no cost please apply for funding through your local workforce center by completing the steps below: 

  1. Create a Connecting Colorado account at http://connectingcolorado.com 
  2. Fill out this form or call the workforce center main line at 719-667-3700. For “Do you know which credential or training program you are interested in?” type “National Cybersecurity Center: Cyber Force Initiative”
  3. Once you have completed the interest form, you will hear back from a Workforce Navigator in 5-7 business days.
  4. Your Workforce Navigator will take time to discuss your goals and program options, as well as how your workforce center can assist you on an individual basis.
  5. Once the Navigator has submitted a funding application on your behalf, you will receive a response in 2-6 weeks (although often sooner).
  6. Whatever the decision of the workforce center is, please submit a copy to the NCC here
  7.  Upon submitting the above form, you will be emailed a code that allows you to sign up for any and all Cyber Force Initiative courses at no cost.

*Please note: If a student fails to complete a course, they forgo further access to the platform

*If you would like to sign up for courses immediately and forgo tuition assistance, please click here

Questions? Email rachel.gardner@cyber-center.org