Yeah, we mean that Tatooine. Well, sort of. The U.S. Department of Defense’s Digital Defense Service has opened its new cybersecurity workspace in Augusta, Georgia and they’ve named it Tatooine, after the fictional Star Wars planet that was home to Luke Skywalker. The new facility is designed to house military and civilian technologists, engineers, designers and other experts and exists to cultivate talent and promote innovative strategies to build cyber capabilities.

The DoD isn’t the only one rolling out new and innovative ways to combat cyber threats. Facilities like Tatooine are popping up across the country. IBM is literally putting cyber on wheels with its new mobile Tactical Operations Center — an 18 wheeler jam packed with the latest in cybersecurity simulation technology. Needless to say, the NCC is inspired by these new cyber efforts and can’t wait for the day when we have something like this right here on the Front Range!