Marvel’s Infinity Wars brought the World’s superheroes together when Thanos, the baddest guy in the universe, threatened to destroy half the population. The same thing happened earlier this week in a room tucked away in the gardens behind the Governor’s Mansion in Denver. Well, sort of. The National Cybersecurity Center hosted 30 top executives from around the country for Cyber For Executives, an intensive, two-day executive cybersecurity training course.

The event was designed to give executive leaders and boards of directors the information and tools they need to understand and address the clear and present dangers of cybercrime. Featuring cyber experts Rick Crandall, Andre McGregor, Paul Rosen and Ray Watson, the event was eye-opening and transformational. If you missed it, don’t worry. The entire Cyber for Executives course was recorded and will be turned into an online course in partnership with Pikes Peak Community College. This is one way the National Cybersecurity Center is making a dent in executive security awareness and raising the bar for bad guys.