If ballots are stored in the cloud, like some vendors use, how do you know they are secure?

Security audit logs offer insight into how organizations monitor access to the cloud, as well as how they might mitigate attacks. Cloud access logs should look similar to how election offices monitor the security and access levels to various rooms in the physical movement of ballots. For example, there should be a manifest of who

If ballots are stored in the cloud, like some vendors use, how do you know they are secure?2020-05-18T13:51:25-06:00

What is the federal guidance on mobile voting?

The federal Voluntary Voting System Guidelines do not offer specific guidance on mobile voting, as they solely pertain to voting systems that take place within a polling place or vote center. The National Cybersecurity Center is working with several organizations to develop standards in order to ensure that mobile voting is as secure as possible.

What is the federal guidance on mobile voting?2020-05-18T13:50:31-06:00

What are the risks involved?

No voting system is inherently perfect, and there are risks involved with every option. Paper ballots have seen hanging chad debacles, ballots stored in trunks, and ballots not picked up in mail in ballot drop off locations. Email and fax as ballot return methods are inherently insecure, and easily compromised. Voting in person may be

What are the risks involved?2020-05-18T13:49:37-06:00

How has the technology been vetted?

Private cybersecurity firms such as Trail of Bits and Shift State have conducted security analyses of the main vendors being used – including Democracy Live, Scytl, and Voatz. Universities are researching the methods as well; for example, MIT published a report regarding security issues and mobile voting. The Department of Homeland Security has also reviewed

How has the technology been vetted?2020-05-18T13:47:07-06:00

Who can use the mobile voting option?

Traditionally, the mobile voting option has been limited to overseas voters, and to a limited degree some voters experiencing a disability. However, in February 2020, King County Conservation District held the first domestic mobile voting election for the King County Conservation District Board. Voter turnout doubled in the election from the previous election, demonstrating that

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How do jurisdictions conduct mobile voting pilots?

Small and large jurisdictions are increasingly interested in conducting pilots for overseas voters, and possibly even small portions of domestic populations. In order for jurisdictions to participate in mobile voting pilots, jurisdictions must first ensure that state voting laws allow for the transmission of electronic ballots. Some states still do not allow that option. 3

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