Well, it turns out, Phil Mickelson wasn’t the only one hopelessly hacking away at the PGA (Professional Golfer’s Association) Championship. Last week, the PGA released the news that hackers had seized some of it’s digital assets, including marketing materials to be used for the 100th PGA Championship over the weekend. When they powered up their computers on Tuesday morning, Team PGA was welcomed with a ransom message demanding bitcoin and stating “your network has been penetrated. All files…have been encrypted with a strong algorithm. Any attempt to break the encryption could cause the loss of all of the work.” Ouch. Regardless, the PGA refused the ransom and went ahead with the championship, sans some marketing assets. And it seemed to go off without a hitch. Well, at least it did for winner Brooks Koepka and come-from-behind thrill maker Tiger Woods. Not so much for ole’ Lefty.