Interesting. A vigilante Robin Hood hacks the Internet, to save the Internet. I haven’t validated any of this manifesto but it has a ring of truth to it. Some of you smarter than me on this thread please let me know what you think.

Quick abstract: A white hat hacker who goes by the nom de plume of ‘janit0r’, embarked upon a year-long campaign to clean up the Internet by scanning for, identifying, and then disabling devices (routers and IoT devices) that were vulnerable to DDoS attacks at Internet Service Providers across the globe.

There is a bit of technical jargon so for you non-technical folks, just blaze on through, you’ll be able to understand the overall context. Includes a nice chronology of events linked to his campaign. He very clearly makes the point that I’ve been beating the drum about for a decade – companies are not adequately investing in cybersecurity, even when slapped in the face with the truth about their vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, that leads to more and more regulatory compliance which is evil in its own way and comes with its own unintended consequences. We are our own worst enemy.


Illegal – yes.

Dangerous – yes.

Moral – depends on your compass (but that’s an entirely different and exciting discussion.)