Apparently, every day is Cyber Monday on the Dark Web these days. The Dark Web is the hidden Internet where the bad guys can buy everything from a hitman to a college diploma, and illicit prescription drugs to a fake passport. But apparently, you can get a lot more than just illegal documents and mobsters. Just last week, links to the security systems at a major international airport sold for $10 and sensitive U.S. Air Force drone documents were for being offered by a hacker for $150.

The bad guys usually gain access to sensitive information by scanning the Internet for systems that accept certain remote desktop protocol (RDP) connections, and then launch brute-force attacks to gain access. Basically, RDP is intended to allow your IT guy’s computer become a remote screen, keyboard and mouse connected over the internet to your computer.Anyone who buys access to such machines can move around within the network, create backdoors, alter settings, install malware and steal data. All kinds of scary scenarios come to mind so make sure your IT folks are managing RDP correctly.