Our vision

Our vision is to power the integration of cybersecurity into every facet of society so that interdisciplinary solutions can preempt emerging cyber and space threats.

Our Mission

To build a collaborative, operational and interdisciplinary model for cybersecurity and space that transforms our nation’s ability to detect, protect and deter threats.

A brief history

The National Cybersecurity Center (NCC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit for cyber innovation and awareness. Established in 2016 from the vision of United States Senator from Colorado John Hickenlooper, in coordination with several people from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) and the community, the NCC serves both public and private organizations and individuals through leadership, education, and collaboration.

At NCC, we take action against cybersecurity threats posed to our nation through pragmatic, forward-looking solutions.

Our work is grounded in education, fosters collaboration and enables leadership that can advance forward-thinking security policies and programs. Our vision is to fully integrate cybersecurity into every fabric of society while remaining vigilant to new and evolving cyber challenges.

By focusing on the confluence of operational capability and transformative innovation, the NCC is building an integrated and fully-interdisciplinary cyber center that is actively transforming our nation’s ability to deter cyber threats, including those involving space assets and systems.

To date, in partnership with UCCS, we have successfully educated over 1,500 students, facilitated over 800 certifications, provided cybersecurity training for over 1,200 state legislators across more than 50 states, districts and territories, and stood up the operational power of the Space ISAC from its inception – making us the only national cybersecurity center also focused on space.

These results are a byproduct of our ability to convene the right stakeholders and resources to develop innovative programs that evolve with technology while always remaining grounded in trust, accessibility and a watchful eye towards the future.