Colorado Springs, ColoradoOctober 13, 2021 – The National Cybersecurity Center (NCC), a non-profit organization established to promote cyber innovation and awareness, in conjunction with Cybersecurity Awareness Month has announced the launch of the Colorado Cyber Resource Center (CCRC) to help Colorado’s local governments, school districts, special districts and critical infrastructure towards a more cyber-secure future.

“Cyber-attacks on local governments, hospitals, school districts, and other critical infrastructure and can be crippling because many communities struggle to maintain the tools, staff, and best practices needed to defend against cyber criminals,” said Mattie Gullixson, NCC Program Director. “When organizations face paying a ransom in a cyber-attack, every dollar spent to a cyber-criminal is a dollar not spent in that community on critical needs and services. As the cyber threat landscape grows, it is critical that these organizations have adequate access to cyber resources.”

The Colorado Cyber Resource Center is the shared product of the Colorado Whole of State Working Group and the NCC. Led by local jurisdictions and supporting state and federal agencies, the Whole of State Working Group has evolved over the past several years into an organized collaborative working towards rising the tide of cybersecurity in Colorado. Concerned with the needs of our least-resourced jurisdictions, the Working Group uses feedback from smaller jurisdictions as a starting point for developing cyber resources in Colorado.

“Cybersecurity resources are not one-size-fits-all. The Whole of State is working through initiatives like the CCRC to better tailor resources for Colorado jurisdictions that meet them where they are. Colorado’s cybersecurity fabric depends on all of our jurisdictions having timely access to free and low-cost cyber resources,” said Jill Fraser, Jefferson County Chief Information Security Officer and one of the founders of the Whole of State Group.

The CCRC is one of the key examples of the work the Whole of State Group has undertaken. Focused on creating an easy, one-stop-resource-hub for Colorado jurisdictions, the CCRC will serve as a starting point for many jurisdictions looking to improve their cyber defenses in this digital Wild West.

The CCRC will include a growing list of easy-to-use templates and resources for various parts of the cyber journey such as establishing an organization’s level of cyber vulnerability, developing effective incident response plans, as well as serve as a connecting point to experts with local knowledge and context for various issues.

Additionally, the CCRC will soon serve as the hub for Colorado’s chapter of PISCES – an initiative that helps monitor network flows of smaller jurisdictions at no charge while allowing cybersecurity students to gain experience that translates into workforce talent. The CCRC is also establishing a statewide cyber range that will give students across the state, from middle school all the way up to advance undergraduates, the chance to learn and hone their cyber skills as part of Colorado’s cyber future.

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The Colorado Cyber Resource Center and Whole of State will also be hosting several live events in conjunction with the October launch featuring immersive and interactive sessions including:

  • PISCES: A Free Network Monitoring Resource (4:00pm, October 18)
  • NCSR Review (11:00/1:00, October 28; Breaking Down the NCSR (11:00/1:00, November 10)

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