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Colorado Springs, CO March 30, 2020 –  The National Cybersecurity Center’s Secure the Vote initiative has launched the formation of an advisory board to address the challenges and opportunities at the nexus of cybersecurity and elections.

Election security is one of the most critical issues of 2020. Secure the Vote is working to advance the development of standards and best practices in the mobile voting space as more jurisdictions pursue it as an option for voters. Secure the Vote is also developing scalable efforts to support a long-term culture of security in small and rural jurisdictions where IT and cybersecurity resources are limited.

“The advisory board, made up of cybersecurity and elections experts at all levels of government, is critical to ensuring that we focus on the right issues,” says Forrest Senti, Director of Business & Government Affairs. “The board provides diverse perspectives on the challenging issues inherent to elections security, which is absolutely necessary for us to make progress.”

The scope of the board includes advising on the security challenges of mobile voting, reviewing proposed auditing standards and best practices put out by Secure the Vote, and assessing the scalability of small jurisdiction support. The premise for the advisory board is that technology and voting are likely to continue to converge – much like technology and banking, and technology and communication; we need well-informed, thorough discussions about the issues and opportunities associated with the increasing connection in order to ensure the security and transparency of that convergence.

Board members do not specifically endorse any of the technologies explored in the mobile voting pilots, nor the concept of mobile voting itself. Their perspectives are, however, key to ensuring a robust conversation and debate about the act of mobile voting.


We are grateful to the following members for their participation:

Matthew Crane: Elections expert, Lafayette Group

Bryan Finney: CEO, Democracy Live

Thomas Hicks: Commissioner, Election Assistance Commission

Mike Hirad: IT Manager, Orange County Registrar of Voters

Sarah B. Johnson: City Clerk, City of Colorado Springs

Donald Kersey: General Counsel, West Virginia Secretary of State

Amber McReynolds: CEO, Vote at Home

Jennifer Morrell: Partner, Elections Group

Amelia Powers Gardner: Clerk & Auditor, Utah County

Nimit Sawhney: CEO, Voatz, Inc.

Kay Stimson: VP Government Affairs, Dominion Voting

Phil Stupak: Fellow, Cyber Policy Initiative at University of Chicago

Maurice Turner: Senior Advisor, Election Assistance Commission


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