This is a big one. The idea of installing modems and any sort of remote-access software into voting machines is about the worst idea since, well, ever. But that’s precisely what the nation’s top voting machine vendor did for nearly a decade. That’s right. Over a period of six years, Election Systems & Software manufactured and sold electronic voting machines loaded with pcAnywhere software. Where are we, Moscow?

Things could get hot for ES&S seeing as they outright denied that machines were ever sold with remote-access. That story changed in a letter  the company sent to Sen. Ron Wyden in April. Oops! Though ES&S has defended the fact that the software was installed on a “small number of machines” as standard practice at the time, considering that over 60% of the ballots cast were on ES&S machines. the entire fiasco calls into question the legitimacy of the elections between 2000-2006.