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Secure The Vote

Secure the Vote was a special research project launched by the National Cybersecurity Center to explore improving the security of voting access for overseas voters and voters with disabilities. The project supported jurisdictions’ efforts to offer a secure electronic ballot return option through leading-edge security and audit services.

One key area of insecurity in elections is the transmission of ballots for overseas voter via email or fax. In order to address that challenge, Secure the Vote worked with industry partners that have been developing technologies to improve the efficiency and security of voting remotely. Through several pilots across the United States, and for a variety of elections, Secure the Vote helped review the security ecosystem within which the electronic ballot return pilots took place, as well as offered feedback on additional areas of needed transparency and security.


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Many challenges exist in the United States at the




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Forrest Senti

VP of Programs and Operations

Mattie Gullixson

Program Director, Secure the Vote

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