Last week, hotel behemoth Marriott disclosed that hackers stole the personal details of 500 million guests…and that the hackers have had access since 2014. Talk about losing sleep.The hijacked data includes names, email and home addresses, passport numbers, dates of birth and more (like um…credit card numbers). That’s right. Apparently the stolen data, included encrypted credit card numbers. Marriott is unable to say if the hackers have been able to crack the encryption and reveal the passwords. Regardless, this is more than a PR nightmare for the hotelier. If Marriott is found guilty of breaking any of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules, the hotel chain could lose more than 4% of its annual revenue, which could easily be in excess of 21.5 million dollars.

Do you suspect that you might be victim of the Marriott hack? CLICK HEREfor some good advice on what you can do.