Our vision

We will advance solutions for addressing key challenges related to securing smart cities by bringing together world leading experts in the public and private sector to create long term change through the use of pilot ready technologies, a planned innovation lab and the development of a security framework for cities.

Our Mission

Generate and pilot world changing ideas to extend a framework for securing smart cities across the globe.

The Strategy

The National Cybersecurity Center’s Secure Smart Cities is looking at three questions when building our strategy: (1) How might we continue to innovate? (2) How might we make the biggest impact on cities? (3) How might we extend our work to other cities? To answer these questions, we propose building three teams under the Secure Smart Cities umbrella to address each question, and effectively influence every phase of the smart city lifecycle.

Innovate and Accelerate

Team up with Exponential Impact and UCCS to identify and guide new tech to teams to find funding and run R&D, so they can get to the PilotReady stage.

Test, Rate, and Certify

Build and utilize a vulnerability lab to conduct penetration testing and give IoT vendors a transparent analysis of the proposed technology on the front end of implementation.

Share and Integrate

As we develop innovations in tech and policies, we could deploy an SSC Integration Team to both share information and also consult with transformative cities.


We are taking steps to strengthen our ability to deliver on our vision by assimilating an Advisory Board and utilizing our local ecosystem: SmartCOS, City of Colorado Springs Utilities, University of Colorado Colorado Springs, Exponential Impact, and the Colorado Smart City Alliance. Together, these entities form a viable test bed for our research and developments, laying the foundation for an opportunity to create and demonstrate a holistic approach to securing smart cities, and we are open to new developments that might add to our current initiatives or opportunities that enhance our ability to reach our vision.

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