OK, let’s be honest. There are few things like the feeling of opening up a new MacBook or iPhone and trying it out for the first time. And the new round of Apple toys has some pretty sweet new features, especially when it comes to security. But, like most things in life, it seems to be one step forward and one step back for the tech giant. The new MacBooks feature Apple’s custom T2 security chip (a pretty amazing step in computer security) and a microphone that physically disconnects whenever the lid is closed. Two points for Apple.

On the iPhone front, it only took a few hours for a Spanish security researcher to find a passcode bypass hack for the new iOS 12.1. The details are HERE and apparently its unfixable until Apple releases an update to the OS. We assume that’ll be coming anytime. Until then, we’ll be careful but you know we’ll be happily testing out our new Apple gadgets.