The National Cybersecurity Center Student Alliance (NCCSA) provides free cybersecurity training leading to industry-level certification for teachers and students hoping to enter the cybersecurity industry. Our goal is to close the gap between available jobs and the trained professionals needed to fill those jobs. Membership in the Student Alliance is free, and once a student participates in any of the following programs, they are automatically added to the rolls as a Student Alliance member. Register for the NCCSA or explore our site below to discover the training and resources necessary to help build the cybersecurity workforce of the future.


The NCCSA Career & Technical Student Organization is designed for 6-12 grade students interested in exploring a career in cybersecurity

Participate in the nation’s largest K12 cyber defense competition

Learn more about cybersecurity curriculum for your school

ESCEI is a great way to increase cyber safety awareness among our nation’s youth.

Capture the flag

Sharpen your cybersecurity skills through competitive events. Expect to be challenged and compete against other schools across the nation.

  • Hacking
  • Penetration Testing
  • Networking and Teambuilding
  • Solve puzzles to find the flag

We had a blast today at 2023 Capture the Flag Cyber Competition 🚩, where we were joined by students from several schools to put their cyber skills to test for a great day at the Broadmoor Hotel!



Standard CyberCamp attendees do not need to have any prior knowledge of cybersecurity to participate. Some very basic knowledge of computer hardware (knowing how to use a mouse, browse the internet, identify common computer icons, etc.) is helpful but not necessary. 

The Standard camps are designed for novice students with little or no experience with CyberPatriot, cybersecurity, and system administration. The curriculum is a basic-level introduction to the skills and topics utilized in the CyberPatriot Competition.   

  • Camps are free 

  • Age groups are middle and high school 

  • There are no prerequisites (see above) 

  • Skill levels (see above) 

Advanced CyberCamp attendees must possess some prior knowledge. Most of the Advanced curriculum builds on material covered by our Standard camp and also draws from the activities/tasks in the CyberPatriot competition. Prior exposure to CyberPatriot or similar skill levels are recommended.  

The Advanced Camps are ideal for students who have previously attended an AFA CyberCamp or who have competed in the CyberPatriot Competition. Advanced camps are designed to build upon and expand the cybersecurity skills previously learned through CyberPatriot programs. 

A basic English reading level is essential for both as many individual and group activities are written directives and students must work alone or within small groups to accomplish tasks.​  

  • Camps are free 

  • Age groups are middle and high school 

  • There are no prerequisites (see above) 

  • Skill levels (see above) 

Standard Camps 

Standard camps are designed to teach beginner students the basics of cybersecurity. No prior cybersecurity knowledge is required for participants. The following is an outline of the curriculum for the Standard CyberCamp. 

  • Monday: Introduction to the CyberPatriot National Youth Cyber Defense Competition, introduction to cybersecurity & careers, cyber ethics, online safety, how computers work, virtual machines, and cyber threats. 

  • Tuesday: Cybersecurity principles, basic Windows security policies and tools, account management, windows file protections, and auditing and monitoring. Students will follow along and work with the Windows 10 demonstration image. 

  • Wednesday: Introduction to Linux, Ubuntu 18 terminology and concepts, basic GUI security, and intro to CLI. Students will follow along and work with the Ubuntu 18 demonstration image.  

  • Thursday: Basic command line security and intermediate Ubuntu security. Students will follow along and work with the Ubuntu 18 demonstration image.  

  • Friday - CyberPatriot competition day. Students will compete against their fellow campers on Windows 10 and Ubuntu 18 competition images.  

Advanced Camps 

The Advanced Camp curriculum is designed to allow instructors to pick and choose which areas of interests their students might best learn from. There is more information made available than will fit in a four-hour camp day — instructors have the option to pick the topics which are best suited for their session. Friday must be reserved for the CyberPatriot competition. ​​ 

  • Windows 10 Module – Windows Graphical Utilities, Windows Command Line, optional Sysinternals Suite. 

  • Ubuntu 18 Module – Init Systems, Advanced Command Line, Processes and Scheduled Tasks, optional Security Policies and PAM, optional Networking. 

  • Cisco NetAcad – Networking Modules 1-3. 

Sample Schedule:

·        Monday - Cyber Ethics Module, Windows 10 Module
·        Tuesday – Windows 10 Module, Ubuntu 18
·        Wednesday - Ubuntu 18 Module 
·        Thursday - Cisco Networking Modules 1-3 
·        Friday - CyberPatriot competition day. Teams of students compete against each other on advanced Windows 10 and Ubuntu 18 images. 

Standard classes – 8 am to 12 pm 

Advanced classes 12:30 to 4:30 if it is the same day as the standard camp or 8:00 am to 12 pm if that is the only camp that day. 

There will be fruit and drinks for each class. 

Everything will be wiped down before and after class. If there is no mask mandate, students can choose to wear a mask if they want to. If masks are mandated, everyone will have to wear a mask.  

Each of these camps will cost us $2500.00, to include instructor fees. I do not know how many camps we will have until the instructors let me know which ones they are able to conduct.  



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