The National Cybersecurity Center Student Alliance (NCCSA) provides free cybersecurity training leading to industry-level certification for teachers and students hoping to enter the cybersecurity industry. Our goal is to close the gap between available jobs and the trained professionals needed to fill those jobs. Membership in the Student Alliance is free, and once a student participates in any of the following programs, they are automatically added to the rolls as a Student Alliance member. Register for the NCCSA or explore our site below to discover the training and resources necessary to help build the cybersecurity workforce of the future.


The NCCSA Career & Technical Student Organization is designed for 6-12 grade students interested in exploring a career in cybersecurity

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STANDARD LEVEL (June 6-10, 8am-12pm)***THIS CLASS IS FULL!

STANDARD LEVEL (June 13-17, 12pm-3:30pm)  ***THIS CLASS IS FULL!

STANDARD LEVEL (July 11-15, 8am-12pm) ***THIS CLASS IS FULL!

Participate in the nation’s largest K12 cyber defense competition

Learn more about cybersecurity curriculum for your school

Explore college and career programs, newsfeeds, and additional classroom resources 

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