Job Title: Cyber Resource Coordinator

Job type: Full-time

Qualifications: High school or equivalent (Preferred)

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The National Cybersecurity Center is hiring a full-time Cyber Resource Coordinator to advance the statewide effort of connecting local jurisdictions (to include school districts, and special districts) with state, federal, and industry cyber resources. This is a new position and a new initiative that will require an individual who can build and grow the program from the ground up.

The Cyber Resource Coordinator will assist in directing inquiries to the appropriate resources and will develop reports on the types of inquiries made to inform the broader build out of resources within the state for jurisdictions.

Inquiries made to the Cyber Resource Coordinator will likely range from reporting incidents and asking for assistance, new hires in IT looking for additional resources to support their department, to local leaders looking to better advance the security of their jurisdiction.


The ideal candidate will have a background that includes working with local jurisdictions. The candidate will also have a moderate level of technical and cybersecurity expertise to understand the questions that are being asked and to determine the severity of a situation that is being discussed.

The candidate will have a background in process improvement and documentation experience, which will help them organize information, consolidate, and summarize it in a way that informs the broader state process of advancing cyber resources to jurisdictions.

The ideal candidate is excited by and able to build programs and processes.

Essential Duties

– Assist program director in set up of inquiry and reporting mechanisms 

– Answer inquiries from jurisdictions, school districts and special districts in a timely manner

– Route inquiries to the appropriate resources in a timely manner

– Continue to explore and identify additional resources for local jurisdictions

– Document inquiries made

– Develop reports that will be shared with state agencies and legislators

– Work with the Whole of State group to identify additional resources and data collection methods

– Help develop metrics and goals to measure success of the program


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