You know those “free” anti-virus apps? Yeah well, at least one of them is pretty much the exact opposite. The crack team at Cisco Talos have uncovered a new Android Trojan that disguises itself as an anti-virus application, called Naver Defender. Apparently this fake anti-virus software is really just a nasty piece of malware, dubbed “KevDroid”, and is capable of recording phone calls, gaining root access, and stealing web history, emails and call logs.

KevDroid even has the ability to record incoming and outgoing calls from the infected Android device. Though no group has taken credit for the malware, South Korean media have linked KevDroid with the North Korean hacking group “Group 123.” More info and recommendations about KevDroid here.
Here are a few tips to keep your smartphone safe from unwanted cyber-spies:

  • Only download verified apps
  • Install anti-virus and software only from a well-known companies
  • Get into a habit of backing up your phone.
  • Consider using an encryption application for sensitive data
  • Don’t open an email or attachment you aren’t expecting
  • Use a secure password to protect your device
  • Keep your software up to date