For cybersecurity, today is game day. Well, minus the foam hands and crazy hats (oh, wait). With 24 months since the 2016 presidential elections, this midterm marks the first major test of our new election security precautions that governments and companies have adopted. From voting machines to social media, systems are being deployed to curb abuse and rebuild voter confidence. DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen asserts that today’s election will be “the most secure election we’ve ever had.” We all hope that’s the case.

And the government isn’t the only one keeping an eye out today. Facebook, after months of scrutiny over the 2016 elections, has established an election “war room,” to monitor and deflect any attempts of abuse on it’s platform. The social media giant has already nixed several accounts that appeared to be Russian meddlers and will keep a keen eye out all day.

So far, so good. But then, it’s still early in the day. Come on, America. Let’s do this!