If we haven’t mentioned it yet, October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Cheers!

We think it’s the perfect time to make a case for more women in cybersecurity. In case you didn’t know it, currently women only make up a measly 20% of the cybersecurity workforce. Seriously? We can do better than that! Frankly, we need to do better than that. And it’s not just about bumping up a percentage or simply gender equality. With the massive shortage of 3 million cybersecurity professionals globally today, and the ever-growing threats around us, our industry needs every talented professional we can get – men and women alike. Diversity is a force multiplier and one we dearly need. It’s high time that we fight the misconception that jobs in STEM are really more ideal for men. Instead, we need to lead with the notion that tech and cybersecurity are just as well suited for women as for men.

Speaking of women in cyber, did we mention that we think Jennifer Bisceglie is basically a tech-Jedi? (hint: read the previous article).