We know you like shoes, but it turns out those Jimmy Choo’s might not have been worth it after all. A report came out this week that hackers stole credit and debit card information from millions of Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor customers. Their parent company, Hudson’s Bay Company, confirmed the security breach stating that customer payment card data was compromised from its Saks Fifth Avenue, Saks Off 5TH and Lord & Taylor stores in North America.

Cybersecurity firm Gemini Advisory found the breach when one of their analysts linked the stores to stolen information recently posted on the dark web by hacking syndicate JokerStash (seriously, who’s helping these guys come up with their names?). Anyway, this cybermob recently announced the sale of over five million stolen credit and debit cards on the dark web. The good news is that HBC is mitigating the problem and says that only North American stores were impacted. So, I guess that means shopping is back on.